January 19th, 2008


LJ Spring Cleaning

Mwah. Unimportant, but I feel accomplishful.

I have gone back to the beginning of my LJ and fixed links to smut and tucked those entries behind the new (or not so new) Explicit Stuff filter.

I have also reviewed/reorganized all my tags and consolidated them into something less Byzantine. E.G. just a "Lulu/Rikku" tag instead of having some labelled "Rikku/Lulu" instead.

Now I just need to clean out and prettify my userpics, since this isn't a paid account, and I'm close to my limit.

I almost wish I'd kept paying for it, but it's not quite worth it (I have another paid account as a non-fandom LJ) just to fix one glitch in the layout... there's no blank space between the the entry and the tags, so I have to remember to insert a <P> manually.


Poll: What did you name your Aeons/GFs/summons?

I usually leave mine with the default names, now that I write fanfic, but I used to rename them, usually in Latin. I can't remember anything except that I called both Brothers "Minotauri."

My mother named all her aeons random fantasy names like "Varrell" and "Baruka," but dad named them as follows (in all caps):

Valefor: BIG BIRD

... and I left Utah before he got to Bevelle, so I don't know what he's named Bahamut.

Mom did, however, named Tidus Ali Öops.