May 11th, 2007


Oh. My. Gosh. (Recommended FFX Fanvid)

Gah. Took a brief moment off from ten jillion things I should be doing to play, and discovered something wonderful.

I can't embed this video. Just go look. Listen. Shiver.

Lulu's Lullabye *EDIT* Mild FFX-2 spoiler.

The odd thing is that the music made my hair stand on end, because I have occasionally been the one doing the "loyalty... loyalty... loyalty..." harmony when it's being performed. It's by Heather Dale, my favorite bard in the Society for Creative Anachronism, and a very sweet lady who has given me much encouragement over the years.

She's really hot, too. *blush*

Back to the video. Lulu is obviously Morgana, Seymour is Mordred, Tidus and Yuna are Arthur and Guenevere (I think?)... any votes for the others?



FFX-2 Multi-chapter Fanfic: Loyalty (1)

Gah, I shouldn't be doing this, but the whole danged story just popped into my head. And I'm so rusty I can't even remember header format, ack.

Final Fantasy X-2
Title: Loyalty Only To Me (chapter 1)
Characters: Lulu/Tidus implied, pretty much a cast story
Rating: PG
Summary: An extremly dark AU inspired by the Lulu's Lullaby fanvid and "Loyalty," Heather Dale's song about Morgana and Mordred. Pardon the blatant plot device to get the ball rolling.
Word Count: 830

Collapse )