January 17th, 2007



Sort of.

I'm so danged tired of being sick. Muggy, muggy, how do you manage to stay so sane?

I do not know whether this is my old colitis/ileus coming back, aggravated by antibiotics, iron supplements, and stress, or whether I've managed to get another gastric ulcer (there is some pain accompanying the nausea, and it seems to be staying put), but anyway, I am MISERABLE.

But at least I'm recording music and being somewhat creative.

Unfortunately my LOTR fandom has reappeared. Well, fortunately, because i have friends there who have missed me for 6 long months, but now i need to work a juggling act so that I can attend to both fandoms!

I haven't written a thing while I was away. As sick as I am, I've been curled up playing my way through X one more time.

School is bally hell when one feels this rotten. I stayed at my parents' place as long as possible.

On the bright side, i now have a 23" monitor. Shiny.