November 10th, 2006


So, while I'm having insomnia: Two more FF recommendations.

So. Two recommendations of a very different nature. (non-LJ Community, video)


Ain't No Other Man

So not my usual taste in music, so well-paced, so much fun. Includes clips from FFVII through X, with an emphasis on Advent Children (which I haven't seen, but I don't think this is very spoilerific, it's just random bits of action scenes and Reno being Reno). The ending makes me giggle every single time I watch it.

Now if only someone would do a piece like that showcasing the best Final Fantasy female characters instead.

2) Final Fantasy Project forums and online community.
[[[EDIT: After ova_lexa discovered plagiarism on their wiki, I'm not quite so enamored of these folks. Hmmmmm. ]]

This place has so much potential, although it's small. It is a Final Fantasy fan forum + wiki + roleplaying hub + fanfiction archive.
~ It has forums for discussing the games.
~ Its members helped write the FFX wikipedia articles, and have their own wiki.
Its fanfiction archive's controls/options are better than most (I like being able to include pictures, comma, dammit).
~ Its blog/journals can be used for many purposes -- that's where I've been posting Lulu's Journal.
~ I haven't delved into the roleplaying forums because I don't want to let myself get sucked in, but it looks promising: Sin's Dawn, set 1000 years ago.
~ The members are thoughtful and especially oriented towards FFX, although they discuss all the games.
~ "Mythology, Canon, and Trivia of Final Fantasy" forum with some good topics.
They just don't have that many active members. I'd like to see what would happen if more people started participating.