November 9th, 2006


An Auron scene in FFX-2?!!!!

AUGH. I played X-2 through twice and never got this. Somebody just posted a youtube video showing a hidden Auron scene in X-2. You have to wait for Yuna and Rin to have a 6-minute conversation before getting to the sphere, but it's got a textbook Auron line. :)

SPOILERS, of course:

Edit: Brain freeze. I now expect Auron/Gippal smut from those better qualified to write such things. (Except you're all busy with XII.)


A couple of FFX fic recs.

Ran across a few good authors on Poor dears.

Two recs, one of which I posted already on bangonfic:

And Shut the Gates of Mercy on Mankind by sagdragon, good one-shot about Isaaru coming to grips with failure following the Via Purifico. Interesting post-game conversation with Yuna about mercy. K rated.

Foundations by Broken Visage, dark one-shot envisioning Zanarkand's despotic dynasty and the birth of Yu Yevon. This is one of those great pieces that brings to life a period about which we know almost nothing, defines a culture and characters with a few deft brushstrokes, and hints at a whole lot more backstory by allusions, the way Tolkien will casually drop in a reference to the "cats of Queen Beruthiel" and leave you going, "wait, wait, tell me more!" Rated K+.
This author looks skilled, and I suggest browsing further -- I haven't yet but intend to.