October 20th, 2006


Tetris writing

Hmmm. cupcake's recent mention of Tetris is an apt analogy for one part of the writing process as well.

I tend to wing it fairly heavily, very seldom writing to an outline. (Never do this.)

Description is easier for me than plot. I just noticed how my habit of trying to visualize and define setting helps me build the story like a Tetris game, using whatever blocks "fall down" first, seemingly by chance. It happens even when the blocks "disappear", so to speak. I tend to write too much description, and then hack out some of it to make sentences flow better. But it's in my head, and the dropped parts may reappear in a functional capacity, later.

Some examples.

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reckoned with

Till Death Cont'd

Wow. I'm crossposting this one on ff.net, and one of those readers immediately removed me from her fav list when I uploaded the following chapter. What an eloquent example of voting with one's feet! Consider yourself warned.

Title: Till Death Do Us Part (Chapter 5)
Final Fantasy X-2
Characters, Lulu, Yuna, Auron, Tidus, Rikku
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The cheesy bit.
Word count: 1459
Link: Chapter 5 - Never Forget Them


Is anyone else having LJ weirdities?

First of all the text-entry-boxes are going wonky. The cursor's winding up behind, instead of after the last character typed, and sometimes that character isn't showing up. Worse, deleting is leaving scraps and artifacts. I'd think it was just my own LJ's stylesheet breaking, but it's happening everywhere.

Second, when I click on "View friends" at the top on that control strip banner thingie, I get (I hope) people's most recent posts, but when I click on "Fiends" on my page, which should be my friends page, it's only showing entries from yesterday and earlier.