October 14th, 2006


Repeating myself.

Anyone who's missed dagas_isa's Kimahri fics and has the slightest interest in FFX is missing out. The original descriptions and writing quality are right up there with the best fanfic on the web.

I think I may find my muse again reading these pieces. She makes conversations flow so naturally that one doesn't notice the "he nodded... she smiled" skeleton that gives me so much trouble when I'm having an off day.

That is all.

Another FF fanfic recommendation

I noticed a young, new fanfiction author floating around the fringes of our LJ community. Sooooo....

Title: Caffeine Addiction
Author: illuminatedlove/ Shizukii on ff.net
Final Fantasy: VIII
Characters: Rinoa, Squall, everybody
Rating, genre: K+
Length: Long story. Multiple chapters!

Summary: AU in which Rinoa is a waitress, Squall is a business exec, and so on. Personally, I rarely like AU stories in which fantasy characters are put in a real-world situation, because I use fanfic as escapism, so I confess I have only read the first chapter. However, for the genre, and especially as a new author's first offering, I think this is well-written with good characterization and creative ways to adapt character quirks and background to the new setting. Warning: Not for Rinoa-haters.