July 20th, 2006


FFX Ficlet: That's How It's Done

Hah! An actual genfic! Not what I was intending to do this morning.

Title: That's How It's Done
Final Fantasy X, pre-game
Characters: Zuke, Lulu, Wakka
Rating: G
Warnings: Nope
Word Count: 844
Summary: Why Lulu's second pilgrimage failed.

ETA: I'm embarrassed to have to ask... there's a genfic Final Fantasy LJ community somewhere. Where? I can't remember.

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AuronLu Shrine UPDATE

It's about TIME.

I have updated every page of The AuronLu Shrine to include all the Auron and Lulu fanart and fanfic created in the last two months.

For those unfamiliar with The AuronLu Shrine, it's the site that this blog accompanies. It is the biggest, most exhaustive English-language fansite for Auron/Lulu, covering all fanfic and fanart on the web (except, I confess, the infamous "Auron's Meat" sex scene), with my teensy one-liner reviews. It also includes separate pages for my own fanart and fanfic, because, well, it's my site and you have to put up with me. :)

The AuronLu Shrine started on 3/6/06 after I finished FFX. It was originally my personal homage to Auron/Lulu. I then realized the need for a general-purpose site for the fandom and added all the pages on Aulu stuff Out There.

Please let me know if you have run across any Aulus that I have not yet discovered!

I found two more of my drabbles I hadn't linked to anywhere. Whoops! That's the nice thing about ficwad: all my work is there in a neat list in my profile. Except the drabbles, because they're so tiny!