July 16th, 2006



Elements. Some of you have seen how I write them instinctively when trying to get inside Lulu's magic, one of several aspects that drew me to the character. Previous Final Fantasies had the various elemental magics among other spells, but at least in those games I've played, the big four weren't set out quite so explicitly in elemental form: earth, air, fire, water (with lightning instead of air).

The trouble is, there really is so much power in them that they are highly dangerous. Science calls them liquid, solid, gas, plasma, and pretends we don't do elemental magic any more, but we do.

Fire. Lightning its close cousin. I write lightning, rain, and thunder most because I grew up with them and miss them, having moved to a part of the world which is nearly desert, and real desert just inland. I am also known for playing with fire -- making candles, making fires in places where it's safe to do so. My job when camping back east is to build and create the fire, because I can do it even when it's raining, if I have any dry wood at all. (Or at least some candle shavings.) The one time I've ever visited Hawaii, I spent my time with the volcano, not the beach.

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