July 8th, 2006


Random comments.

Bah. I am such a review whore. Must...resist...

I keep getting the urge to crosspost my pathetic little icons on more icon communities. Next time. After the next batch. I'm being a hypocrite, because unlike writing, I'm not leaving much feedback for icon designers or artists.

Why that is, I don't know, except one can't be everywhere!

However, I Collapse )

Okay, enough with the baseball geeking. In other news, I have too many papers to write and it's causing me to want to fiddle with graphics instead of write. Meep. Expect slow updates for a while.

And my cat is hobbling, but she's being social and talkative again instead of wedging herself in a back corner of the closet, so I think she's not hurting so much. Poor babe. I think she's gonna be okay.

And oh, I nearly forgot the point of this post, which was to show the silly icons I made of owlmoose and her cat Tori. The Tori-icon is a retouched photo by selfsame moosey person. The owl is a Burrowing Owl, which looks even sillier in real life. They are marvellous: Owls On Stilts. The moose was from some gory hunter's photo I didn't bother to save.