July 3rd, 2006


Comma splices and run-on sentences

I stumbled across them in the prose of three different good fanfic writers this morning.

This page on comma splices and run-ons may help! It's short, quick, clear.

Yes, I make tons of grammar mistakes myself. Those are just ones I happen to notice, because I once had a teacher who dropped our grades a full letter for each comma splice.

[[edit: *finds comma splice in "Lulu Sutra" and commits seppuku* ]]

All of a sudden...

... I learn that I have been using the wrong form of an idiom since childhood. I'm guessing that my mostly-southern family says "all of the sudden" for the same reason that we use "y'all" as second person plural. Either way, it's a very peculiar idiom, since "sudden" is not usually a noun.

mneme_forgets pointed out my error. Being a stubborn little wench, I had to go and research the matter to assure myself that she was correct.

I found an amusing blog entry on the subject which I'm preserving for future reference. I like the way this person writes.

Note to self: sooner or later, I need to hammer out my use of "which" and "that" once and for all, and decide whether I'm going to follow MLA or APA format for quoted phrase + comma/period.


By the way... I have a store.

And I should sit down and revamp it from top to bottom. Alas, I lost all my photoshop back-ups in a computer crash, so the only images I have are those on cafepress itself.

The designs are from my photographs which I took in Greece last year.

It's All Greek to Me: T-shirts, mugs, mousepads & more!

The Artemis design is a tiny bit fuzzy, and the baseball cap is a bit more brown than the picture shows, but I think everything else should work. I wear my Athena sweatshirt all the time.

Question: The Athena head has a rust-colored discoloration over one eye that's on the original sculpture. Should I photoshop it out? My mom thought it was a printing error.