June 25th, 2006



Okay, spoilers to the conclusion of Via Infinito in FFX-2.


"You are the paragon of pastlessness."

I have seen/heard many melodramatic exit lines for villains, but that's got to be one of the silliest.

Maybe now that I've gotten the obsessive compulsive MUST KILL BOSS problem out of my system I can get back to what I was supposed to be doing. I hope FFXII doesn't have "percent complete" stat ... for some reason the perfectionist in me can't resist the challenge, even when I know better.



One thing about fandom puzzles me...

Why the heck are there so many fandom stories about fantasy world characters attending ordinary high schools? The Zanarkand High theme is practically a genre.

Oh, wait, that's because a lot of fanfic writers are probably high school students.

It's still strange. I mean, for FFVIII it makes sense, in a way, but... for things like FFX and FFVII it hurts my head.

I suppose somewhere out there on the net there's probably a BORG COLLECTIVE high school, with Seven of Nine flirting with all the boys, or perhaps a Pirates of the Carribbean High with Sparrow picking on the class nerd Billy, or...

*shakes head to clear it*

On the other hand, cupcakemonster wrote a gangsters Spira that I adore, even though I usually avoid that genre. So you just never know.