June 9th, 2006


O.o All my drabbles are wrong!!!

Oh wow. I just discovered my word count desktop widget had gotten confused with its preferences. Somehow it's been counting " and . as extra words.

So most of my 100-word drabbles are actually in the 75 range. No wonder they were so hard to write!

I'd hate to have to go back and rewrite them now though. Gah.

[[Edit: Ack. I tried to poke some of them. They refuse to be poked. ]]


And in better news-- The Shrine is Official!

Yay! At long last.

The poor owner of the Auron/Lulu Fanlisting website probably got tired of my nag-emails. I can be such a gadfly. I've sent her 2 or 3 emails over the last several months asking if she'd include the Shrine among her list of A/L websites, since the only English-language sites she had as links were dead or no longer being updated. She just put up a nice little banner ad for me.

The Auron/Lulu Fanlisting has now changed URLs. Find it at:

I will now officially pimp them, since they are pimping me. *wry grin*

*****************Edit: Note to self: Go back through the last week of aulu and add links to new stuff. (Saharasnow's new story, hooray!)