June 8th, 2006


But... but... it's just tab A and slot B! With slight variations on tabs!

This is a bit of backwards boasting, but still.

I'm not surprised the smutfics are getting slightly more hits and tending to get higher ratings than my other writing, especially with ficwad's odd system of averaging the ratings per chapter for multi-chapter works. The reviews are what I most appreciate... you all have been very very nice to me on my epic, which is the work that matters most to me. *grovels*

But why on earth do my lemons keep getting top-rated as "Original" instead of "Hot"?

Okay, yes, "Besaid Blues" was utter crack, but "Stormy Weather"? Even the title was a cliché! And I know I haven't written/read enough to be as good at writing this stuff as some of you (cupcakemonsterCOUGH).

(And I nearly posted this to my normal LJ, where several friends who wouldn't understand at ALL would've seen it. *sweatdrops* )