June 7th, 2006


Crack Pairing: Brainstorming Session

Survey alert!

What's the most bizarre Final Fantasy pairing you can think of?

I suddenly thought of Kimahri/Shelinda, continuing The Day Kimahri Finally Got Some Lovin' (6/6/06... so much for the antichrist...) And then there's Seyrikku, but we so won't go there.

What crack pair can you think of?

And maybe then someone will go, "AUGH! That's so awful I have to write it!" and we'll have more reasons to gouge our eyes out.

Or, more likely, someone else will say, "There's a whole community devoted to that (link)".

Apologies if this has been done before; I'm still fairly new to FF fandom.


Legolas drabble for Saharasnow

Disclaimer: My version of Legolas isn't the superhero pretty boy, it's the book version. But I realize "still the prettiest" has become part of his mythology. ;)

Drabble challenge for saharasnow who requested the character "Legolas" and the theme "comb".

Title: "Drabbles, Drabbles in the Deep..."
Fandom: LOTR
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Summary: Excerpt from a recently-uncovered early draft of the "Journey in the Dark" chapter of FOTR

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[Fanfic] Drabble Challenge: Auron, Kinoc

Hm. This feels a little contrived and flat. I don't understand Kinoc very well and don't have his "voice" in my head. I may have to try again sometime. Anyway.

Title: High Ground
Final Fantasy X
Characters: Auron, Kinoc
Rating: G

Format: Crapass Drabble
Word Count: 418
Summary: Auron and Kinoc discuss why Auron wouldn't marry the high priest's daughter. Auron/Kinoc challenge drabble for dolevalan.

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