June 1st, 2006


Another ficlet: Memory Uncaged

When I posted my very very first fanfic, Resurrection I, one of the comments by mneme_forgets was that she found it a little unlikely that Auron knew about Lady Ginnem, "considering how tightlipped everyone is about their past."

I had pondered writing a flashback to a scene where people are discussing what they saw on the Farplane in Guadosalam, and Lulu's being curt, and Auron puts two and two together. Never got around to it. This just came out instead, as an answer to the "Memories" ff_flashfic challenge.

Memory Uncaged


The appeal of indignation

I was just pondering archetypes, psychology, mythology again. There's a common thread that runs through a ton of fantasy and science fiction.

1) Invent a fantasy world with a system that's been in place for a long time.
2) Create heroes who push through the chinks in the system, discovering its flaws, and (usually) showing it to be corrupt.

If you think about it, it's kind of funny. Old myths tended to be about heroes creating or building culture, establishing traditions, or doing things in the traditional way.

Nowadays, we've got the rebel against tradition, who finds a new way of getting things done and overturns the old. It's obvious, and yet it's not.

Why do creators keep setting up cultures where we get to be indignant about how they operate, where sooner or later, we're going to be outraged by some aspect of the world we're trying to save? (think of our righteous indignation on Yuna's behalf.)

I haven't played many of the Final Fantasy series, but just from the ones I've played:
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