May 10th, 2006



We interrupt your regularly-scheduled Aulu geeking to observe:


I used to use them a lot, years ago. I'd have my computer boot up Tomb Raider when i said "Boob raider" and other silliness.

I have arthritis. Lately my wrists have been killing me. I just got around to programming voice commands for all the web pages I regularly browse. Suddenly I'm surfing without touching the computer unless I want to type an actual reply!

The voice recognition has improved. Sometimes it's still a bit flaky about "move page down" and opens Pagespinner for reasons I can't understand, but I just say "quit this application... move page down" and it gets it. So I can move page up/down/to top/to bottom or switch from one application to the next or jump to any page I've bookmarked. I don't have to record my voice, it just figures out what I'm saying. Usually. (It seems to have a better time with words in the dictionary than words like "aulu" where it may be guessing on pronunciation. It gets "Imladris" though.)

Now if only I knew how to tell it "tab-tab-tab-tab-click" so I could skip using the pointer to select items. I'm sure there's a way, I'm just not quite sure what it is.

no regrets

Aulu drabble: Hindsight/foresight

Oh, yum. Now if I can just get my resurrection muse to kick back in.

Title: Hindsight, Foresight
Pairing: Auron/Lulu
Rating: G


Lulu stooped, picked up the bent frames, and inspected them for damage. She straightened them between her fingers while Auron leaned against the bulkhead raggedly, staring at nothing. He drew his hand back into his coat. His breathing slowed and steadied. His face set like potter's clay.

She kissed his dead eye apologetically and slid the glasses back into place to hide it. "I'm sorry. I phrased that badly. No, I suppose Lord Braska didn't know what he was doing. But none of us does, Auron. Even you cannot know, legendary hero or no. That is not your fault."