April 22nd, 2006


Website updates

I realized that I've been having so much fun on aulu and working on Resurrection that I hadn't updated the AuronLu Shrine in a few weeks. Probably none of it is "new" for all of you, unless you missed saharasnow's story recommendation (she found one I missed, hooray!).

I'm trying to be complete with the fanfic listing, a little more selective with the fanart. Argh, I am still frustrated that Tasty Graphite has disappeared!

Speaking of selective, until now, I have always included every piece of Aulu fanfiction I could find, but trekqueen just pointed me to one that is so eyegougingly bad that I refuse to list it.

Please, if anyone knows of a piece I've missed, let me know! Except for one that includes the line:




Trust me, it's nooooot good.


Eeeep. Lulu protective moment.

I've been a bit lax about posting explicit stuff here and on the aulu community, because until now, all our readers have reached the official age of debauchery. However, we now have a younger writer among us. And I have this silly code of ethics that says I shouldn't be supplying kids with erotica (however tastefully written) unless their parents are okay with it. Not that I don't think teens are ready for it, but it's not my decision to make, since I'm not their guardian.

I am honestly not sure what to do with this talented young writer -- I didn't realize she was underage, ack! She's writing stuff more hardcore than I can write, so should I just give up, in this case? I haven't a clue!

However, I can address a few other places where I've been sloppy.

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ETA: 2008 -- of course, now I can just use the "Adult content" flag. Bwah.