April 12th, 2006


Ooooo! New Au/Lu community! Plus Auron videos!

muggy_mountain has started a brand new aulu community for Aulu fans! Let us unite and share the glory of the two badasses of Spira!

AND, if that weren't great enough, she has found us an archive of Auron game clips, to help us revel in Auron goodness and serve as aids to our fanfics. These are NOT FMVs, they're memorable quotes and conversations. Huzzah!

ETA: Jan 2008: Alas, the Matt McKenzie website is defunct.


Other fanfic with a good Lulu scene in it

O for a Voice Like Thunder is a well-written story from Gatta's perspective at the end of his life, remembering Luzzu (this story was obviously written before X-2 came out).

The beginning has some sweet, short moments with Lulu and Chappu. After Operation Mi'hen there is a quite striking scene where Lulu teaches Gatta about how to survive a loved one's loss. I wish I could write her so well.

Note to self: Don't forget how strong Lulu is. That's why I like her so. And envy her.