April 11th, 2006


Friends of (a different) Lulu

I ought to spread word about this one, for obvious reasons.

Ganked from filkertom, aka the brilliant songster/filker/activist Tom Smith:

"The excellent comics-industry group Friends of Lulu is starting a new fund for women in the industry who wish to pursue legal action in sexual assault cases, by helping to provide money for representation and also emotional support when needed. The incident that jump-started this effort is detailed here.

PayPal donations to the fund can be sent to empower@friends-lulu.org. For inquiries about other donations, contact ronee@friends-lulu.org. There will be a formal kick-off for The fund with a raffle at Cape 2 in Dallas on May 6 (which also happens to be Free Comic Book Day). "


Story Recommendations!

So, hey, I'm going to start posting alerts here when other ongoing Au/Lu stories update, now that there's a few others out there!

"Red and Black" by storyless, starting with flashbacks to the younger days of our heroes. Chapter 2 just posted: young Auron.

"Necromantia" by TrekQueen, tracing the relationship between the pair on Yuna's pilgrimage, starting with their first meeting at Luca. Chapter 1.

Both may be found on Ficwad. They are rated NC-17 for expected mature-content in future chapters (Red and Black has some R stuff.)