April 6th, 2006


Random drabble (except not a drabble because I can't be that brief)

Just some random Aulu snippet I dashed off for a challenge on an FF livejournal group. Poor Wakka. Alas, the writing isn't that great since I was half asleep.

Title: Lulu's list
Final Fantasy: X
Characters: Lulu/Wakka/a bit o' Auron
Challenge: With All Due Respect
Rating: G
Word Count: 1300

I'm disappointed; they had a challenge for people to use "haste" in a snippet a few weeks back. Been there, done that. :D

In two hours...

I will be Auron's age. No, no, not the age he was when he died, the age he was in the game. With the white hair. Which I also have, but not as much.

My Mom was fairly irate at my referring to him as "the old guy", because he didn't look that old to her. I mean it fondly, in full recognition of the fact that 35 isn't that old.

He looks older than me. But sooooo much better.