April 1st, 2006


So, what's new.

Tasty Graphite is dead. (The link is boring -- website appears to be hosed.) What is Tasty Graphite? It was a place where three excellent fan artists, Laine, Eisu, and Aimo, used to have a moderate stash of Aulu art. Most of it was just silly cartoons, but there were several very good pieces I'm sorry to see go. Luckily I found Eisu's excellent pieces stashed away on this page. Unluckily, that page has a few Aurikkus, which make me nervous. There are also a few images by Laine and Aimo I'm trying to track down from the original artists. Does anyone know how to find them? In particular, I'm trying to find Aimo's hilarious Master Card picture, and Laine's bondage pic featuring Lulu having far too much fun with a riding crop. Yes, it was cheesy, but it was great. I can't post them on the AuronLu Shrine even if I track down backup copies, though; I need artist permission. I've sent some emails to their deviantArt accounts hoping that will snag them.

At least I still have Kitt's great fanart. (Click the "Other Fanart" button on the shrine if you haven't checked it out already.) And of course nidrig's, which is also saved to my HD forever. *DROOL*


Resurrection III's next chapter is taking shape. It seems like each new chapter is harder to write than the last.

However, I have spent a week dealing with Mom and neglecting the place I moderate, and I now have to crack down on moderating, plus writing papers. Meh. I want to finish this chapter! Hopefully it'll be worth the wait.

[[edit: Oh, weird. I realize I must've written at least two different chapters of Resurrection III with Eisu's art in my subconscious, especially the one of Auron hugging Lu and looking quite ready to kill anything that comes near her. That was in chapter 3.]]