March 14th, 2006


Obscure AuronLu trivia of the evening.

Kitt on the semi-moribund Auron x Lulu yahoogroup mentioned something which a onetime classics major like me should've spotted immediately.

Mars Crest/Sigil (god of war) = Auron
Venus Crest/Sigil (goddess of love and beauty and sex) = Lulu

In Greco-Roman mythology, these two deities were famous for their love affair, although (unlike all other divine couples I can think of) they never married.


Random poem.

I posted this in a creative writing thread on some random FFX discussion community which, in retrospect, I simply don't have time for.

The poem is not my best writing as it was just blatted out stream-of-consciousness, but enh, I think I'll keep it from disappearing into the ether completely by stowing a copy here.

Swordsman in the Hourglass

Running out of time
You walk before me.
All we see is your back
Even when you show your face.
Running out of time
The scar on your face tracks down
The minutes of the life you left
The footprints we're following.
Running out of time
You stride before us
Keeping the world at bay
And your secrets veiled.
Running out of time
You keep us guessing
(This mission's more pressing
Than your own tale.)
Running back in time
What was your story
Ten years, just yesterday?
Why won't you tell us
Your past, our future?
I taste death in the wind
And on my fingertips
It's the power I wield for her
It's the hollow of my heart
But it's not just me, is it?

You're already
Out of time.