Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Eeeeeeeeek (Final Fantasy X-2 geeking)

As you know, I've got a habit of trying to translate all the Spiran inscriptions in FFX. I love me some epigraphy, even if it's just a cipher.

My eye happened to glance upon this Paine poster entitled "Bevelle Underground."

Heeeey, wait a minute.

Written in the pseudo-sanskrit Yevon Script.

Hm. E, yes. L, yes. And the writing says...

TELL                                   ME

WHY                                  PULL
DID                                    THE
YOU                                   TRIGGER


It could be Paine asking the question. Or it could be Vegnagun, whose broken-off foot is in the foreground, asking Nooj, or Baralai, or maybe those Bevelle guards a thousand years ago. Or maybe it's Shuyin's question.

It's in sacred Yevon script, used by the temples, not the common folk, and by Vegnagun itself.

I'm going to resist the urge to dig out the Vegnagun FMV and freeze-frame it to figure out what the cracktastic PIPE ORGAN OF DOOOOOOOM is saying. For now.

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