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Old game geekery

I am sure I've shared this before, but every now and then I have to go back and watch this again, a trailer for a now-ancient 3D remake of 1993 MYST, with a VA by my all-time favorite video game character:

And TOTALLY SPOILERIFIC TO THE ENDING OF RIVEN (MYST's first sequel) -- this doesn't make as much sense if you didn't suffer through 2 whole games before finding and rescuing this person... but I was ready to "tear down the sky" as Fang says by the time I finally found the code to her prison cell:

Anyway. Just having a Catherine Fangirl moment. I think a few people on my journal might like her.

And by the way, if you still own an old copy of RIVEN and have Mac OSX, here's a fan emulator that lets you run it. Use the v0.8 version for OSX.5, or the v0.9 version for OSX.6.

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