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Japanese Translation question on FFXIII

Final Fantasy XIII script question for someone who knows/has played the Japanese version.

Early on -- but not early enough! -- Fang finally hooks up with Lightning and explains the whole Euride Gorge fiasco. She there refers to Vanille as her "partner." Later on in the game Fang tells Vanille something like, "we'll talk later, missy."

Question: What Japanese words were used for "partner" and "missy," and were they any more or less suggestive of a yuri relationship?
"Missy" threw me off. In fact the whole Fang --> Vanille ship still puzzles me, a bit; the game graphics seem to imply a greater age difference between them than 2 years; it looks more like Lulu/Yuna at times. (Then again, the visuals make the age difference between Snow and Serah seem greater than 3 years).

I'm assuming that Squeenix left Fang/Vanille slightly ambiguous to Get Crap Past the Radar, as tvtropes puts it. The fact that Fang was originally meant to be male and that their plotline was left the same makes me think so even more. Certain moves in their plot resemble previous romantic arcs between FF's male/female couples (cf: Squall/Rinoa, Tidus/Yuna), right down to the FFX Rescue Sequence where the Distressed Damsel trope is weakly averted by having said damsel break out of her imprisonment just as Our Hero has carved a path through a buttload of machina to rescue her.

But on the other hand, f/f relationships come in different flavors in different cultures (see: schoolgirl romances in Japan), and what little worldbuilding we got suggested Fang and Vanille lived in a communal culture where monogamy would seem anomalous. If I look at the story cross-eyed, i could see reading Fang's moves as that of a Lulu-like figure fiercely protecting her only surviving family member, one especially precious to her.

Vanille's running away and lying to Sazh about having "someone special" doesn't help, although that was part and parcel of the pack of lies she was weaving.

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