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Help me pick plotbunnies!

muggy_mountain suggested in a review that Auron's got all these internal monologues even when he doesn't speak.

I am beginning to find a small challenge. Since Resurrection III is anchored around Lulu's first pilgrimage, it makes some sense to tell the story from Lu's perspective. Also, as I said, I find it easier to write Lulu's thoughts than peek into Auron's skull.

I am badly-overdue for an intimate -- not just physically, but personally -- scene. I've been keeping Auron and Lulu from being able to talk to each other ever since this story began, in various ways: Lulu constrained by a promise to Yojimbo, Yojimbo eavesdropping, the need for Lulu to set feelings aside and focus on getting them past fiends, their friends nearby. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. Before I started this story I was writing lemons where they just jumped each others' bones for lust, not love. I was having trouble with getting them to talk to each other. NOW they bally well have motivation and material for a heartfelt conversation.

So anyway, I'l totally winging it and I'm not sure what I'm doing next. I have a few ideas for that conversation. However, it was going to be from Lulu's perspective. That's what I've been writing. Muggy's remarks got me to thinking, though. What if I tried an interlude with Auron? Before I go on, stop and drop the camera inside of his skull, see where he is in all this? I'm thinking just one chapter where we find him wrestling with what's happened.

So, here's my question.

1) It's generally bad practice to switch narrative perspectives from one character to another, if the story is otherwise told through one character's eyes. Would it be jarring or enjoyable to switch to Auron-cam for a single chapter?
2) Auron's enigmatic nature and his annoyingly cryptic way of dodging questions is part of his charm. Having the story suddenly from his view strips away that barrier. Is it better, instead, to stick to Lulu-cam and play with double meanings, unsaid truths, and hints about what he's really thinking but refuses to tell her?

I'm not sure if I've got the writing skills to do either one adequately, since writing Auron is giving me more trouble than I'd expected, but I'm wondering what people would enjoy.

I'm guessing that the next chapter should take me a while.



Apr. 25th, 2006 09:36 pm (UTC)
But helpful.

I have, in retrospect, regretted starting with lemons. I was writing as stress release, not writing fanfic, if that makes any sense... I just wanted some steamy stuff between these characters and wasn't troubling TOO hard to work my way into it.

Now I'm in a bit of a bind because I didn't develop how they fell for each other, and despite my best intentions, they seem to be falling in love. I meant to keep that hovering at the edges and leave it unclear how much was impulse, how much was genuine feeling between them.

However, this leaves you and Trekqueen more room to play with set-up and development. My forté is aftermath. :)

I love playing with the "achingly unsaid". We'll see if I can manage a little of both. I hadn't realized how much I was avoiding writing Auron until this last chapter suddenly snapped that into focus as a slight flaw in the writing.

I have a few ideas now, possibilities for both option #1 and option #2, and will have to play around with them and see which one seems to create better writing. :)
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