Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Hey, the aircraft carrier budged a few degrees

Whoa. After a huge long span in which I could not write anything creative at all, a LHAD chapter is finished. Or drafted. Or something.

However, I am afraid to post any chapters at this point until the next 1-2 chapters are written, because it's insane to expect anyone to follow chapters followed by six-month gaps. (It is only slightly less insane to hope a few of you still want to read it, however long it takes.) Did the aircraft carrier just turn, or did the engine turn over 3 times and sputter out again?

I hope the former. For three days, I have put the entire rest of my life on hold to cup the little guttering spark that kicked off last Friday in hopes I can get the embers going again. Muse had better not go THUD OKAY THAT'S ALL YOU'RE GETTING BWAHAHA. This damned outline with bits and pieces of the finish line has been piling up and winking at me for four and a half years now. Why is is so hard to write the final act, when I began the entire saga by writing the ending?

Anyway, hi guys. I miss y'all, even if I have basically become Unsent. I enjoy sneaking in now and then and seeing how y'all are doing, even if it's extremely sporadic.

Or else I just schlorp one of my favorite ellnyx or Justira works into my text-to-speech reader to listen to as books on tape. I always feel a bit like a stalker doing that.

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