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Some random Squidoo Pluggage

Ugh, I like DW better as a concept, but I feel completely out of sorts without my custom skin. Out of my skin? Anyway.

Three random items to note.

First, I'd like to think that all my longwinded articles helped convince Google it couldn't simply downgrade the article publishing site I use, as it did nearly all the others: "Fooey, there is spam here, but also content, so we can't just drop the whole site off a cliff."

Two, in my diligent studies of the strange and rare monsters known as search engine bots, I have discovered that most have prosaic names like Googlebot and Bingbot and Wombot. However, Yahoo's is known as Yahoo Slurp. I'm not sure how I feel about having Yahoo slurping my websites. I hope it likes the pr0n section of the Aulu shrine.

Three -- what was three? Oh, right, pluggage. I have mostly been working on articles far away from fandom, as I feel conflicted about writing within fandom. But anyway. Here are three articles that FF fans may find of interest:

Spiran Writing and Inscriptions in FFX
The Summoners of Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy's Oedipus Complex

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