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How annoying that it's tough to find ways to label explicit content so that it will trip parental controls! I've got the AuronLu Shrine fixed up, but LJ is defeating me.

The basic trouble is that the parental controls for Internet Explorer are (of course) relying on a needlessly cumbersome method. It looks for a Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) label on the website's domain. This label is saved in a separate file which you must create on their website and upload to your own. Once you've done that, then IE's parental controls are set to look for the ICRA label, and not let anything past the controls set by the parent without a password. That seems fair enough.

Problem: I can't upload files to LJ! So I can't put their stupid label on my LJ! What I want to be able to do is post explicit stuff here if I feel like it!

There are two alternatives, which use the head-tag of a web page instead of a separate document.

Safesurf creates a detailed meta-tag listing a standardized set of ratings, like Violence or Explicit Sexual Content or Language or whatever.

Safelabeling makes it easiest of all. Just add a meta-tag as follows to the head-tag:
<name="Rating" CONTENT="mature">
Perfect! Easy! Simple!

There's just one problem. Well, two.

The only way to muck with head-tags on LJ, as far as I know, is through the "styles" section of advanced customizations, and I find that fairly tricky. I've figured out how to do it on my paid LJ account, but I doubt it's possible on my unpaid account (this one).

I would actually pay for the second account, except for one problem. I'm not sure how many web browsers/parental controls recognize Safesurf (a lot, I bet; it's been around ten years) and Safelabeling (not so many, I bet; it's fairly new).

Finally, all these labelling systems tend to be geared towards visual imagery instead of written material. I think a photo of someone's penis is more in-your-face than reading about it.

What I really wish is to hear something like, "oh, if you use certain keywords in a link, the blockers automatically block the link anyway." So for instance, I could use an LJ-cut or link to a chapter and stick "Mature content" or something right in the link. THAT would be easiest. Third-party software like NetNanny and Cybersitter do indeed work that way, just not IE and Firefox and Mozilla.

So anyway, I'm still stumped about LJ.

I have, however, made the AuronLu Shrine kidsafe, by:
1) labelling it with Surfsafe, Safelabeling, and IRCA,
2) including a number of words like "sex, sexual content, adult content, erotica" in the meta-tag Keywords up in the document head
3) adding a warning in the body of the fanfiction pages that includes several trigger-words that Netnanny style programs tend to hunt for.

So I can post links to explicit material there without any worries, including links to some of your lovely lemons. :)

Note: the aulu community is fine as far as LJ rules about adult content: "If your community only contains occasional sexually explicit or adult material, such as the occasional nude photograph in a photography community, it is generally not necessary to restrict membership."

EDIT: Added a bit more info 11PM PST.

Also, on an irrelevent yet valuable note, I just backed up ALL my Aulu stuff, including hundreds of screencaps, videos, and everything I've written so far. I realized I hadn't done a good backup in a few months. Yikes. *pats external HD*



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Apr. 25th, 2006 06:42 am (UTC)
TQ and I discussed this the other day. My general feeling on the matter is similar --let the creator censor themselves as they see fit. For myself, I am pretty anti-censorship, I dislike setting the rating on fanfic sites, though I understand why it is important. Rating prose as though it were a film is still a pretty strange (and new!) concept. As far as the community goes, I think the rule on cuting for NSFW bits will be fine. There are always risks when it is unmoderated posting access, but it is a pairing community, after all.

Also, that is me on that other journal, just so you know. I also keep my main journal separate, because most of my other livejournal friends would probably be annoyed with a sudden burst of fannish postings. :)
Apr. 25th, 2006 07:17 am (UTC)
I hate censorship with a burning passion, but after being a moderator on a family-friendly website for a year and a member for a few more, I've gotten to know a lot of intelligent and thoughtful parents and have come to observe a median line for how much they want their kids to be exposed to when. A lot of them would not be comfortable with what I'm writing.

My basic attitude is "Sex is beautiful in its many forms, and nobody has the right to censor what anyone does or writes or draws or photographs as long as it's consensual and doesn't involve minors. In exchange for your leaving your nose out of my business, I promise not to shove my kinks down your throat or those of your kids until you've had first crack at teaching them your values."

Once people are eighteen, I reserve the right to encourage them to be open-minded. :D
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