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Here We Go Again...

While afflicted with major sinus infections, I spend a lot of time communing with a neti pot in the shower and following it up with a cold pack sinus mask that covers my eyes, so I can't do anything for about 30 minutes.

So last fall I listened to my computer's text-to-speech bot read me chunks of Death Shall Have No Dominion (FFX/X2 epic AU) by owlmoose . 

Last winter it was Clarion (FFX, Braska's pilgrimage) by justira , whose writing style is apparently perfect for reading aloud. It's very rhythmic, with repetitions and dramatic pauses that help even a clueless computer figure out where to breathe and pause. This story grabbed me by the throat and still won't let go.

I have read before, but just had it read me again, These Unending Alchemies of Honor, another one by justira that somehow manages to pull off a believable Vaan/Gabranth (FFXII) story.

I feel entirely too much like Noah; I kept passing out after about a page and a half and having to get the computer to back up and find the paragraph before I keeled over. 

Nonetheless, Fanfiction Story Hour makes this much more enjoyable, as OMFG this is a BAD INFECTION. My entire head hurts as much as right after surgery, which is weird, as it's never done that before. I've turned the corner -- I have a whole KILL THE BUGS regimen to fight these suckers from Neti pots to grape seed extract to yes, antibiotics, but dannnnng, it was bad for a while there. I'm still pretty much going to be bedridden a day or two, so as not to push it. I've tried pushing it before, and it never works. (And yes, I am a wimp; it's not like this is oh, open heart surgery.  But my head is full of goo and I can't stop coughing, yet I'm having to use an inhaler and mucho menthol to keep breathing.) 

Any recommendations on another 25K-50K story for Heather the Robot Storyteller to read me in her soooooooothing and hypnotic voice?    


Jan. 8th, 2011 07:18 am (UTC)
I had surgery to repair some wicked tmj issues several years ago. They had to crack open my face in several different spots, so my sinus cavities were filling with blood and goo and ickiness for a looooong time while I healed. It was two months of hell. Liquid diet AND my head felt twice the size? Nice.

Anyway, the only thing that MOVED all of that stuff and relieved some of the pressure was hanging upside down from my brother's top bunk, then quickly sitting up and letting it drain. Yeah, it's gross, but it's also surprisingly effective. Try that? Maybe try some anti-inflammatory meds just to keep the tissues from flaring up so much?

Jeez. Sorry you're sick. Feel better, okay?
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