Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Final Fantasy VII Playthrough

I really got into the Final Fantasy bandwagon with VIII. While I have actually played through VII once and vaguely remember it, many of the details are fuzzy, and I recall being extremely confused by the whole Cloud-Sephiroth backstory (clone, puppet, wha?)  Also, I didn't entirely grasp where I was or what I was looking at the first time through most of Midgar, since I was playing with a lousy TV or a confused Mac Molar trying desperately to emulate a PS1.  Now, armed with a PS3, good speakers, and a screen I can see, I'm trying it again.

So yeah. I don't know if I'll get through it, but for the moment I have joined in the group playthrough here in ff7_oldschool .

I've always been fond of VII, but it's never been THE GAME the way some other games (RIVEN, FFX) are for me. 
Tags: f: ffvii, stuff: fandom/community


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