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Sing, Muse. I said SING, MUSE...

Wordcount of all the discarded and unused and reworked drafts of the next chapter which currently lie on the cutting room floor: 9369

Wordcount of the next chapter, which still needs a few more concluding paragraphs: 3190.

I believe that we need to rename plotbunnies plotelephants. Maybe then they would not propagate like rabbits, bounding in all directions and getting munched by passing coyotes.

Thankfully, I think I've finally settled on one particular plotbunny, and have received one tolerably pretty scenic momen t from the Muse. It came to me as I was waking up, and it's one of those set pieces where it flashed into my head as a vivid painting. I hope my description did it justice. I'm no good with plot, spotty on characterization and dialogue, tend to reuse gestures overmuch -- but oh, yes, I love over-wrought scenery with a Tolkienesque passion!

I wish that I could write scenes with more than 2-3 characters without feeling like a novice juggler. Greek tragedians had the right idea. 2, 3 talking heads, no more!

I also wish, in retrospect, that I hadn't put myself quite so firmly into Lulu's head for this saga. I love her. I enjoy writing her. But I know there are more Auron fans than Lulu fans, and there's probably some readers saying, "shut up about the mage, already, we want Auron yumminess." He's such a reserved figure that he keeps being enigmatic in the corner.

Hm. Except I'm writing for my own enjoyment, not simply for readers. I am not a great fanfic writer -- discovering what else is out there has been a very humbling experience. So I should just play. Lulu pleases me as a person. Auron pleases me as a...hero, that's not quite right, but it explains why I sit inside the skin of one of them, and love the other.

I was beginning to worry that following through the Yojimbo plot would kill off my lemons. I still need quite a few chapters before I can get to anything lemony again. Hopefully it'll be worth the wait!



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Apr. 24th, 2006 06:34 pm (UTC)
Pfffft. You so totally are a great writer. XD And I love the way you write Lu. You make me want to write Lu.

I never found her boring, just not captivating. And now I'm all captivated-like.

(And um, is there a reason you haven't friended me??? Do I smell??)
Apr. 24th, 2006 07:25 pm (UTC)
I haven't friended you?

okay, now I have. If I've friended poor Zee who isn't even this fandom, I should certainly friend you! Not that I've got any locked entries, but your stuff should show up in my fiends page, definitely.
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