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Oooh, she likes it!

I'll have to be careful, as fyre bird says; the concept I came up with could crash and burn horribly if done wrong. But that's true of a lot of AU fanfic, especially 'ships. My next story will focus on the Cavern of the Fayth, with some flashbacks to Lulu's pilgrimage with Lady Ginnem. It is obviously one of the three most pivotal events in Lulu's life prior to Yuna's pilgrimage.

Alas, the story must wait a few weeks, unless I have a fit of procrastination. I have some grad school papers to write, an apartment to clean, a large online forum to moderate, and my mother is coming to visit, and I've been shamelessly burying myself in Aulu stuff for the last week and a half.

Obsessions are so very silly.

But I think the next story will be better than the last two, because it's going to have....



(you can all fall over now.)

Oh yes. And more sex. Because I'm having far too much fun learning how to write it. I don't understand why it took me so many years to break through that hangup; it's not like I haven't been reading erotica since the net began.

Tags: fic: multichapter: res3, stuff: writing process

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