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Eeeep. Lulu protective moment.

I've been a bit lax about posting explicit stuff here and on the aulu community, because until now, all our readers have reached the official age of debauchery. However, we now have a younger writer among us. And I have this silly code of ethics that says I shouldn't be supplying kids with erotica (however tastefully written) unless their parents are okay with it. Not that I don't think teens are ready for it, but it's not my decision to make, since I'm not their guardian.

I am honestly not sure what to do with this talented young writer -- I didn't realize she was underage, ack! She's writing stuff more hardcore than I can write, so should I just give up, in this case? I haven't a clue!

However, I can address a few other places where I've been sloppy.

~ Not posting direct links to chapters of NC-17 stories posted on ficwad. Instead, I'll just link to the FFX archive containing them, which won't display NC-17 stories for unregistered members. It's not much parental control, but it's a bit.

~ Flagging pages on the AuronLu Shrine that link to explicit content. I'm adding some invisible labels and keywords that should hopefully work with parental controls in a sane fashion. Still figuring out better ways to do this.

~ I've found some information suggesting there are now widely-used metatags and labels which one can incorporate into a page to mark the degree of adult-content on a given page; it's supposed to work with the rating controls on various web browsers and software packages. That may be the simplest answer: label this LJ, aulu, and my website with the appropriate flag, then it wouldn't matter what we post here, because we'd trip parental blockers.

I honestly don't worry about kids reading most of the stuff we're posting... by 13 or so, they're thinking about sex all the time anyway, and most Auron/Lulu stories tend to be consensual, loving or at least respectful encounters between adults. I really don't think that's bad for teen readers. I've always had strong issues about a culture that condones a high degree of violence, but tends to treat love as dirty and bad.

I hate to seem patronizing to younger members of the web: some of them are far more mature than I was at their age. I just don't feel comfortable making decisions for other folks' kids.

ETA: 2008 -- of course, now I can just use the "Adult content" flag. Bwah.



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Apr. 23rd, 2006 07:01 pm (UTC)
Let me know how some of those things work so I can implement them in my postings too. We're both in the same boat on that since we have our own communities we admin and must watch for this sort of thing. >_
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