Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Eeeep. Lulu protective moment.

I've been a bit lax about posting explicit stuff here and on the aulu community, because until now, all our readers have reached the official age of debauchery. However, we now have a younger writer among us. And I have this silly code of ethics that says I shouldn't be supplying kids with erotica (however tastefully written) unless their parents are okay with it. Not that I don't think teens are ready for it, but it's not my decision to make, since I'm not their guardian.

I am honestly not sure what to do with this talented young writer -- I didn't realize she was underage, ack! She's writing stuff more hardcore than I can write, so should I just give up, in this case? I haven't a clue!

However, I can address a few other places where I've been sloppy.

~ Not posting direct links to chapters of NC-17 stories posted on ficwad. Instead, I'll just link to the FFX archive containing them, which won't display NC-17 stories for unregistered members. It's not much parental control, but it's a bit.

~ Flagging pages on the AuronLu Shrine that link to explicit content. I'm adding some invisible labels and keywords that should hopefully work with parental controls in a sane fashion. Still figuring out better ways to do this.

~ I've found some information suggesting there are now widely-used metatags and labels which one can incorporate into a page to mark the degree of adult-content on a given page; it's supposed to work with the rating controls on various web browsers and software packages. That may be the simplest answer: label this LJ, aulu, and my website with the appropriate flag, then it wouldn't matter what we post here, because we'd trip parental blockers.

I honestly don't worry about kids reading most of the stuff we're posting... by 13 or so, they're thinking about sex all the time anyway, and most Auron/Lulu stories tend to be consensual, loving or at least respectful encounters between adults. I really don't think that's bad for teen readers. I've always had strong issues about a culture that condones a high degree of violence, but tends to treat love as dirty and bad.

I hate to seem patronizing to younger members of the web: some of them are far more mature than I was at their age. I just don't feel comfortable making decisions for other folks' kids.

ETA: 2008 -- of course, now I can just use the "Adult content" flag. Bwah.


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