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LHAD: Choose Your Own Adventure

Trying to decide between one of several drafts of the next chapter of LHaD, I have a dilemma.

At the end of FFX, we get a typical Final Fantasy WTF acid trip setting for the final showdown, soaring through the Farplane (apparently) on Jecht's ginormous sword. Plot hole: why didn't Yu Yevon just dissolve the sword and let the party plummet to their deaths?  For that matter, why didn't the flying tick just fly away? Answer: because it LOOKED TOTALLY FRICKIN' COOL. (The flying sword, not the tick).

I have an alternative: a slightly less-cool but more physically probable landscape, which has the advantage that I can throw fiends at the party more easily (I can throw fiends at them on the flying Venus Crest, but a little less easily).

Poll #1590537 Bombtastic Epic Battle Sequence

The showdown with Yu Yevon should take place...

floating through the Farplane on a ginormous sword with psychedelic stuff whizzing about.
in a more plausible landscape, with solid ground and random bits of Spira squooshed together.

I donno. I like the description of the floating-in-the-Farplane sequence better. There's a few details that please my "grand finales should be grand" instinct. But the second option seems a little more believable, as much as any endgame battle in Final Fantasy is ever believable (in fact, every one I can remember takes place floating through space on a platform, or nothing at all).

And on the third hand, most Final Fantasy games conclude with 3-4 big boss battles, and this is only #2, not the traditional flying-through-space-on-a-WTF-magic-carpet battle.
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