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Oh EM GEE. (Final Fantasy X EASTER EGG!)

So I decided to replay the last battle of FFX for fanfiction inspiration purposes. I pulled out an old saved file where I'd maxed out the sphere grid.

It occurred to me that I'd never filled out my FFX Combat Quotes page with the "Provoke" and "Threaten" quotes for every character.

Tidus and Auron, as you've probably seen, each have a couple different taunts when you use those abilities. The other characters don't say anything when they "Provoke," but they have special animations.

Sooo. YOUR ASSIGNMENT, oh FFX geeks:

1. Go find your last save file of FFX.
2. Open the sphere grid.
3. Find that Special Sphere you were saving for a rainy day.
4. Activate someone's "Provoke" node.
5. Pick a fight with a monster and Provoke it.
6. Rinse, repeat.

The "Threaten" quotes are not so exciting, but some of the "Provoke" moves are quite amusing.

Rikku "provokes" by slapping her butt and sticking her tongue out (sort of; she puts her hands up to her ears and waggles them). Kimahri does a vaguely obscene gesture with his tail. Wakka's boring, thumping his chest in a macho manner. Auron does the Seifer/Balthier "you wannna a piece of me?" hand-gesture. Tidus has a couple different taunts. Yuna seems to call out something (no quote, Square? Lazy lazy) and waves cutely (sigh). And Lulu?

Did she just make a pass at me that Varuna demon-thingie? YES SHE DID. It's the LeBlanc shimmy and an air-kiss, only less vampy and more elegant.

Alas, most of the "Threaten" quotes are boring. They all say some variant of "Don't move!" or "Stop!" However, Lulu's growled "You move, you die" is satisfying.

Now I wish someone would nab the "Provoke" animations for Lulu, Kimahri, Auron and Rikku and put them up on YouTube. SNERK.


Jul. 4th, 2010 04:20 am (UTC)
Yes, yes, times infinity! You basically said what I couldn't find the words for! I loved Rikku the instant she blasted through the door in Baaj temple and reached out to Tidus. I don't ship them, but I really like their friendship.

I've always wanted to write a fic showing all those awesome things you mentioned, especially wrt the machina and chemistry aspects. People don't seem to see the cool side of Rikku.

I like X-2, but in a ridiculous kind of way. My working theory is that Rikku feels bad for Yuna and wants her to be happy, so she goes into bubbly overdrive, while repressing her true feelings. It keeps me sane.

I started replaying X for the gazillionth time recently, and the female characters really stood out to me this time. I finally realized why I'd liked X more in terms of the characters. They feel more real. It's not like, OK let's go to this place and learn all about a character's history, then move on and basically forget about them. Or the WTFery that is VIII's story. In X, you still don't know all the details, and what you do learn is scattered throughout the story. The relationships between the party members seem more solid and close than in other games. They have conflicts and moments of togetherness. I guess that's what draws me in. Even the minor characters are cool, especially Isaaru and Lucil. I also prefer Seymour as a baddie to Sephiroth any day.
Jul. 4th, 2010 05:14 am (UTC)
Yes, yes, and yes.

The great characters in FFX -- right down to the most minor unnamed NPCs -- are why I've wound up writing a game-length fanfiction saga. I was going to write an Auron/Lulu story, but the rest of the cast demanded it be a Babylon 5 style epic. (And Elma/Lucil insisted on being the cool subplot I always knew they should be).

I have a love-hate relationship with FFX-2. Like the curate's egg, portions of it are excellent.

I love every single character in FFX. The funny thing is that I initially disliked Lulu (fanservice and a DOLL?!) before realizing how strong and intelligent she was, and disliked Rikku as a chirpy superficial teen until I figured out what I just said (thanks largely to cupcakemonster's fabulous Rikku-fic).

Compiling the script for FFX made me appreciate all the npcs, from Elma and Lucil to the most minor unnamed people. In many places, the unnamed npcs are consistent characters, some of them with their own mini-stories. There's crazy things going on like the Luca Goers women kidnapping the Auroch's young goalkeeper and doing naughty things to him in the hold, or Besaid village rebelling against the church when the warrior monks come to apprehend Yuna (this is made more explicit in the international version, but there's a few hints of it even in the original game).

Agreed with you also on Seymour. He's the classic nutty bishie megalomaniac, but he's believable.

One last thing. I usually write shameless Elma/Lucil porn or explore the more serious side of Crusader life, but for total crack, you need to see Sir Elma, Legendary Hero. It's very short.

Edited at 2010-07-04 05:46 am (UTC)
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