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Love Her and Despair: Three Fanarts

ff_press: Three Final Fantasy X Fanart Recommendations

Holy frickin' squee. I don't know how to show my face after disappearing like this... look what I found waiting for me?! A reader had mentioned wanting to do fanarts for LHAD, and he DID them, and I missed them!

But look at these. Especially the second one.

Words fail.
I mean. These are gorgeous. And they actually go with particular chapters, replacing the headers with my ho-hum (and inaccurate) screencaps.

I'm going to put them back on the original chapters, but first, I simply have to share. Click for full-sized.

The Lady's Face
by ~SchmutzigeBanane on deviantART

"Isaaru examined the bone charm intently. At a distance, its triangular silhouette could easily be mistaken for a shark's tooth. With economy of line, the stylized carving captured the shape of a woman's head and shoulders. There was a haughty arch to the brows— or rather, brow, since the left side of the face was cut away at a slant. Empty space showed where the hair should be."

It works! I had actually thought of the charm being cut away so that her hair was negative space -- but this is lovely. It's magic seeing a moment come to life. [Edit: Plus, now that I think about it, that really is Isaaru's sleeve -- he wears white fingerless gloves. Details, huzzah.]

The Dancing Memorial
by ~SchmutzigeBanane on deviantART

"...Yuna's statue had miraculously landed on its base intact. The others hurried over to peer up at the slender, dancing figure, around whose shoulders a few tattered garlands still fluttered. Frozen in stone, the youngest High Summoner twirled on the slopes of of her childhood home with staff held high."

"Isaaru knelt before Yuna's statue and cupped his hands above and below his heart in Yevon's prayer.

This? It makes me hurt with joy. The colors are one of the things I adore about FFX -- it's all stained glass. And there's new gear for Maroda and Pacce which works. I may have to tweak their descriptions to match this.

The Empty Cradle
by ~SchmutzigeBanane on deviantART

"Auron knelt, fishing the sailor's charm out of his belt. He stared at the face of bone gleaming in the darkness. After a moment's hesitation, he draped the necklace over the barren cradle's shell with care, rose quickly and stalked away."

This one is simpler, but I love the fact that it's seen through Auron's eyes. And is, therefore, dark.

Fanart peoples -- you have no idea how much it means to me to see how someone else has responded to my words. I love seeing it anew through your eyes, knowing that it worked, it really worked, and you enjoyed it!

And then there is the joy of seeing my words as images. My mother, aunt, and grandmother were/are all artists. I have some drawing skills, but I have never been able to get down on paper what's in my head. I want to, and it frustrates me that I can't. That's why some of my descriptions are so visual. Whenever I get a fanart of something I've written, I feel like an artist who's lost her hands, and someone else manages to paint what's in her mind. Except I never had those hands to begin with.
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