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News flash: 7.2 Earthquake causes Kitty Litter to Levitate!

Video of the earthquake we had about 2 hours ago. This is slightly stronger than what rocked my house, but only slightly. I'm guessing it was filmed in San Diego.

Everything's fine -- Mexico took some damage, and there's local kerfluffle like Disneyland shutting down the rides to check them over, but California's fine. I'm just worried about the folks down in Baja. I have a hunch the building codes may not be as strict down there.

Best comment so far on Twitter:

"RT @wilw: Apparently the #earthquake was upgraded to a 7.2, but I'm still seeing a 6.9 from the Russian judge. (kids, ask your parents.)"

Also, the comments on this picture are illuminating:

Earthquake damage in Mexicali, Baja California!!!!  on Twitpic
(Thumbnail is link to full photo. This house is in Mexicali, Baja)

I found it via Twitter. Two of the four comments are news reporters (CNN, AP) asking for permission to use the picture.

In other words, for breaking news, one often gets photos/videos on Twitter first; and the news stations scramble to catch up.
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