Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Help! Please Recommend FFX Slash!

So I've recommended/nominated a bunch of stories for the Genesis Awards for great FFX Fanfiction, whose deadline is March 31st.

I don't know FFX slash. It's out there, I just don't read it as much. WHAT ARE GOOD SLASH STORIES?!

I know of "The Many Adventures of Walking Man," but there's gotta be a ton more. 
Worse, I don't know of any full-length yuri stories, either. And that, I should like to READ!

Other categories I've been wracking my brain to nominate for are action/adventure, crossover, and AU.

Of course, I am still agitating for more fans to nominate one FFX story for consideration -- otherwise the "Genesis Awards of Great 2010 FFX fanfiction" will be almost entirely stories found and nominated by me and owlmoose (thanks, hon)! To reiterate, I am not a member of the staff or judges of GA, just a fan like all of you who wants to see great FFX writers and stories recognized. I'm trying to pimp the fandom.

If you don't want to register and post your nomination in the forum, all ya gotta do is this:
Choose one of their nomination categories and mail this nomination form to Genesis.awards.admin@gmail.com ....

Contact for Author:
Reasons for Recommendation:

But if you don't have time, please please please just point me to the slash. Quick! The deadline is tomorrow!



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