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I'm finally finished chores and have time for creative writing. However, I'm so brain dead now that I'm not able to make the pretty. Our Heroes are heading into Sin, and that means Endgame Epic Weird Dream Sequence With a Side Helping of Crack. It's something I can often write, but I have to be in the zone.

For three years, I've had this endgame vaguely in my head. I've got  a file of "The Story Foreseen" (© JRRT) with a chapter outline, scraps and snippets (mostly dialog), and tons of alternate ideas. Alas, when I sit down to flesh out the bones and select from all the scraps, the result is never as beautiful and dramatic and moving as I had envisioned. I'm trying to write The Fall of Gondolin, and it keeps sounding like The Silmarillion.

Related tangent: Does Diane Duane have a hallucinogenic WTF-sequence during the climax of every novel, or just The Wounded Sky and My Enemy, My Ally, my favorite two installments from the early days of published Star Trek novels?) 

Other related tangent: After reading the latest chapter of owlmoose 's Aftermath, I'm vaguely thinking I really should start using a beta reader for my polished work. Except (a) I am too much of a flake to offer a commitment like that in exchange, and (b) when I do finish a chapter, I just want to frickin' post it. This will forever make my writing less than it could be. Just think what LHaD would've been if I could've had the patience/fortitude for a beta reader instead of letting you folks beta for me in comments/critique/feedback?! I do go back and edit based on feedback/comments, but by that time everyone's read it! 

Okay, Rikku-babes, let's give you a bit of cool before I call it a night.
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