Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Brain. Dribble. Out. Ears.

So, after getting yet another sinus infection -- world, this is NOT FAIR; I had sinuplasty and other surgery done a month and a half ago so I'd stop having these things! -- I've discovered a way to make the time go a little easier while spending fifteen to twenty minutes every few hours in neti pot meditation.

Copy and paste several chapters of a fanfic into a text-to-speech app, and have my computer read it out to me while I poach my nose. (I've got cheapo speakers with a long cord, so I prop the speakers on the towel rack and leave the computer safely in the next room).

NaturalreaderFree + the Alex voice works fairly well, except that I have to global replace "—" with "..." because it reads em-dash oddly.

Anyway, I've been doing this for a few days with owlmoose's epic, Death Shall Have No Dominion. I'd read a good chunk of it in the past, but between my fears of overlap between it and LHaD, and grad school, I'd fallen hopelessly behind. So I started from the beginning and read it again.

I've been reading a few chapters at a time, but tonight I got sucked in and read the last 15 chapters all at once. Of course. It was a good yarn, as I knew it would be. I just wish I'd read it all while her co-author kunstarniki was still with us.

Brain is now dribbling out ears. I should sleep -- siiiick -- but I am selfish about my creative writing-time. Maybe I can get a little bit done before I conk out.
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