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Recommended FFX FanFic: "For Love of the Game"

I found this one because the only review on it was an idiotic troll giving a nasty review. I suspected that if an idiot thought it was a bad story, a person with a brain might enjoy it, and I was right.

Final Fantasy X
For Love of the Game" by Mayumi-H
Rating: K+
Characters: Al Bhed Psyches, Gazna Ronso
Word Count: 9100 (6 chapters)
 Not a blockbuster, but unusual in that it gives very minor characters a story of their own. Each chapter is told from the POV of one of the Al Bhed Psyches, exploring the culture and life of Luca. Their banter with Gazna Ronso of the Fangs is a lot of fun.

P.S. if you have Firefox, I have found an incredibly useful add-on: Read it Later.

It lets you save URLs which are then accessible via a little pulldown menu at the upper right.
Entries can be tagged, renamed, downloaded in a printer-friendly version.
hen you're done with an item, check it, and it's removed from the list.

It's useful for something you want to read later, but don't want to save as a permanent bookmark.
I'm putting the multi-chapter stories I still need to catch up on (DSHnD) in there.

(Sorry, Chrome, I know you're faster, but what would I do without my curacao skin and all my add-ons?)
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