Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

New Chapters in all three Auron/Lulu sagas at once!

Woot! Triple whammy! All are posted on Ficwad.

Mine: Resurrection III: Stolen Fayth
Latest chapter: Psyche in Hades ~ When magic fails and you have no weapons left, what do you do?

TrekQueen's: Necromantia
Latest Chapter: Nemesis ~ Fighting the chocobo eater on the Mi'hen highroad, Auron and Lulu are fighting old demons too.

Muggy's: Red and Black
Latest Chapter: Sapling Bends ~ Hard lessons and harder oaths leave scars young Auron will have to carry inside.

Welcome to any refugees from the Auron and Lulu yahoogroup who have wandered over here!

Tags: - fanfic, - recommendation, fic: multichapter: res3

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