Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

FF X-2: First impressions

What a strange, strange game.

Zanarkand, a tourist attraction.

Yuna, giggling and grinning while robbing people blind, having a fine old time of being an irresponsible treasure hunter.

Clothes and fashion like Barbie gone mad.

A world suddenly covered in machines which was delightfully fantasy-mythic-epic before.

The magic of Spira, its ancient majesty, its rural beauty, suddenly crazily modern.

The site of Auron's death, now presided over by an ex-Summoner playing games show host.

Politics and factions.

Yuna's cousin lusting for her bones.

Yuna too dense to recognize the difference between a 25-year-old-man who doesn't look that much like Tidus, and the genuine article.

However, despite all the changes... all the weirdness... all the "my gods, it's almost like the real world now!" feeling... Lulu hasn't changed that much. I can't fathom why she would marry Wakka. But assuming she did, she's still talking like herself.

Gentle put down... "He's always like this."

And the big sister conversation with Yuna was exactly right. Nonjudgmental. Reminding Yuna of her own worth, then stepping back and stepping aside so that Yuna can spread her wings. Right now, Lulu's wisdom in that scene is the one reason that I can tolerate some of the strange ways Yuna is behaving, as she attempts to do exactly that. She is not following paths that Wakka and Lulu would have expected her to. But that's good.

Except that the sphere-hunting thief schtick feels to me just as cheap as turning Zanarkand into a tourist trap.

The black mage costumes have got to go. I realize they must be based somewhat on Viv, a character I haven't yet met, but I fear I've gotten used to Lulu in all her gothic strangeness, and prefer black to frilly bits. I can't abide using black magic in this game because the outfit is so odd. (White magic isn't much better.)


And I must kill whoever put Yuna in a moogle outfit. I confess: I cordially dislike moogles.

Paine is, however, a babe.

I hope I find Rin soon. I've discovered almost all the other characters from X that I miss.

I'm just finished chapter 1, and miss Tits and Ass Syndicate has just pilfered the Gullwings' ship.

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