Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

In search of...

1. Fanfics with excellent action sequences.
I'm looking for (a) skilled writing and (b) vivid writing that puts the reader on the edge of her seat.
Example: "No Tragedy Today" by ellnyx.

2. Fanfics which write FFX character dialogue well, capturing their in-game voices.
Many of you know that I am obsessed with voices, from voice acting (Dwight Schultz doing anything, Fran & Balthier) to fanfiction which catches mannerisms so perfectly that I can hear canonical characters' voices in my head.
Example: "Grieve" by lynnxlady, which I've read until I've got the danged thing memorized.

I need to find more fics like these, both to enjoy and admire, and to help my chameleon muse rise to the task before it.

I'm working on LHAD again, and I'm struggling to accomplish four things in one chapter without getting bogged down: choreograph a epic battle sequence, juggle several character and plot arcs which all hit major beats, and give several different characters a moment to shine. Authentic voices and an adrenaline pace will sell or break this chapter. I need to remind myself how it's done when it's done right!
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