Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Two totally Random Final Fantasy Geeking Observations.

1) While searching for the Yevon glyph to use as an art reference, I happened across this cosplay of Baralai.

[[ ETA because I don't want to post 3 times today! ]]

2) MERDA SACRA. One-Winged Angel's lyrics are quotes from the CARMINA BURANA:

   Estuans interius, ira vehementi       "Burning inside, violent wrath"     1st couplet of C.B. 11.
   Sors immanis, et inanis                "tremendous/terrible and empty fate"
                                                         Couplet from O Fortunata, most well-known chunk of C.B.
   Veni, veni, venias;                    "come, come, may you come / do not let me die"
   ne me mori facias                     First couplet of C.B. 20.

Latin vocals start at 1:10:

Why the HECK did I never notice this before?

Although in Advent Children I kinda picked up on "veni veni" something or other, but the lyrics in AC are new, original Latin.

Tags: - cosplay, - recommendation, - video, c: baralai, f: ffvii

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