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FFX Community! Please nominate your favorite fics!


The Genesis Awards for Final Fantasy VII fanfiction have been running for a couple years [Awards for 2008] [Awards for 2007]. This year, for the first time ever, they've opened it to FFX, and are encouraging people to nominate old masterpieces as well as new.

I want to see some of the best of the best get featured. Unfortunately, I am intermittent in fandom and have no brain. I'm sure I'm forgetting many great pieces that deserve a nod. I also have a bad habit of nominating fic by my favorite writers just to make sure they get a showing, as opposed to nominating a fic because it's one of the Great FanFics of FFX.

Nominations for the 2009 Genesis Awards for Final Fantasy X Fanfiction close on Feb 28th.

Help! Let's nominate some more great fic!

Where to nominate: Final Fantasy X Fanfiction Nominations

How to nominate: Rules for Genesis Awards Nominations

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