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Archive of Our Own

So, I'm in... thank you renay and owlmoose for tugging me that direction.

--Interface is WORLDS better than ff.net and AFF, and it's still in beta. This is what I hoped ficwad would be, and wasn't: a place to archive all fic in one place.
--I love the fact that if you delete a fic, it emails you a copy, Just to Make Sure.
--Tags system is excellent.
--Giftfic system looks like a great idea.
--Only archive where you can use the tag and include fanart. Or LINKS. Thank you.
--Importer is still a little buggy, but it looks like they're working on it.
--Only downside is that AO3 isn't a place to get lots of comments -- yet. It is truly an archive. This may change as it grows.

A collection of drabbles and/or responses to a prompt comm:
--Post them as separate Works in a Series? I'm afraid that would spam the fandom index, but that way they'd be easier to find/search for.
--Or post them as chapters of the same work, as I've done until now?

In other news, I think I finally see how to structure the next chapter of LHAD. I got stuck arranging all the pieces on the chessboard for the Big Battle Sequence. I kept having to deal with this bit of character business and that bit of logistics and oh yeah gotta remember to get those guys in position, and it looked like it would take three chapters to sort it all out -- far too long. I think I need to use fast cuts and drabble-like chunks showing where everyone is, leaving out "how did they get there?" (so long as I know the logistics in my own mind, they don't need to be shown). I may miss a few nuggets of character study/development/interaction that way, but I've got to build this back to a frenetic tempo. It's the "Fellowship's quest grinds to a halt in Lothlórien" problem.

Only worse, because the next battle sequence involves 12-13 people, not including machina.

However, I have to use LHAD as a carrot to help me write dissertation. Not before. So. *goes off to work for several hours*
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