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Recommended Fic

I have read an insightful Lulu fic covering her pilgrimage with Lady Ginnem. Good News by fyre bird on ficwad, and this one is not NC-17 so you don't need a ficwad membership to read it.

In exchanging thoughts with the author, i think I have finally solved my dilemma for the next installment of Resurrection III. I had decided to send Lulu off to kill random monsters, and have an excuse to show her and Auron being badasses, because I enjoy writing battlescenes. But she's too careful to go wandering off without a good reason.

I think I may have one. *ebil grin* A nasty, nasty idea has finally sorted something out for me.

Also, I've been wanting to explore Lulu's pilgrimage with Lady Ginnem as well -- I'd toyed with a couple different scenarios for having her reveal a little bit of it to Auron. Now, finally, I have a reason and mechanism!


Have you ever wondered how young Lulu survived the Cavern of the Fayth and the Calm Lands, after her Summoner died?

*waits for fyre bird to tell me whether my horrible idea makes sense, or would fail to convince readers*

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