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Recommended Fic

I have read an insightful Lulu fic covering her pilgrimage with Lady Ginnem. Good News by fyre bird on ficwad, and this one is not NC-17 so you don't need a ficwad membership to read it.

In exchanging thoughts with the author, i think I have finally solved my dilemma for the next installment of Resurrection III. I had decided to send Lulu off to kill random monsters, and have an excuse to show her and Auron being badasses, because I enjoy writing battlescenes. But she's too careful to go wandering off without a good reason.

I think I may have one. *ebil grin* A nasty, nasty idea has finally sorted something out for me.

Also, I've been wanting to explore Lulu's pilgrimage with Lady Ginnem as well -- I'd toyed with a couple different scenarios for having her reveal a little bit of it to Auron. Now, finally, I have a reason and mechanism!


Have you ever wondered how young Lulu survived the Cavern of the Fayth and the Calm Lands, after her Summoner died?

*waits for fyre bird to tell me whether my horrible idea makes sense, or would fail to convince readers*



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Mar. 8th, 2006 12:25 am (UTC)
*glomps onto auronlu* Yes!!!! This sounds quite interesting, I want to see more!

BTW, may send you the reaping of my plot bunny tonight... depending on whether hubby decides to distract me too much but he's supposed to do homework so we'll see. :D
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